Where you go, I’ll go

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging! I’ve been throwing around the idea for some time, and this crazy idea has finally taken shape. When thinking of what wisdom I had to add to the world of blogs, I was overwhelmed. I am by no means as tech-savvy, crafty, or eloquent as thousands of other bloggers who are competing for your attention. However, I was gently reminded by my savior that I am called to be an ambassador for him, and to proclaim his gospel at all times; and if all I have to share is the gospel, well that is more than enough.

If you are not aware, I am about to leave for my very first mission trip on Tuesday. I will be spending my summer in Guatemala, with Adventures in Missions (adventures.org). To say I’m a ball of emotions would be an understatement. At any given moment, I’m jumping around in pure joy, overwhelmed with small worries, or crying tears of happiness. From the time I accepted Christ, I’ve felt such a deep longing to “Proclaim his glory among the nations, his wonderful deeds among all the peoples” (Ps. 96:3), and now that it’s finally happening I’m not sure how to react. My bags are packed, my arms have been pumped with vaccines, and my money has been raised; and in the midst of my planning, I’ve lost sight of the purpose.

I have got caught in the web of good works, which is exactly where the enemy wants me to be. When I lose sight of the power of God and his plans, I try and “muscle” my way through life. I start taking on the attitude of, “okay God, I’m doing all these things FOR you, cause I don’t really trust your plans; just can I show you how I would do it?” How foolish am I to think my way is better? That my plans for how this trip should go are better than God’s? How quickly I forget all the times his plans have worked out beautifully, and perfectly


Thank the Lord that he is patient with us! That he gently (and sometimes not so gently) reminds us that he is holding us in his sovereign hands, that he has never failed and never will. That he has paid too much for us, to leave us alone without guidance. He will lead his sheep, he will guide those who trust him; and he will bless those who give him the throne of their life.

I’m reminded of the well-known proverb, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Pr. 3:5 ESV)  Such simple advice! In all my ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight the path. He is the wonderful counselor, he has a future and a hope, and his plans are much higher than mine. Plus, why would I ever want to follow MY plans, they never lead anywhere good. But God? He has plans to change the world, I’d much rather follow him.